New Center Office Space

We have executive office suites that will be available early 2018 for professionals who can help us improve our client services. Without sounding pretentious, we will be very selective on tenancy. Our tax and accounting clients trust us- if we give a referral, and that referral has a service failure with our client, it reflects poorly on us.


This risk becomes amplified if we actually have that referred professional working in our offices. Conversely, the level of service that can be provided by having direct and immediate access to tax and accounting professionals combined with financial advice, legal advice, insurance advice, etc. is huge. For example, we rely on website advisors to bring our clients into the 21st Century. Financial advisors rely on tax professionals. Why not shrink the time and space of that collaboration?


Professional Collaboration

We want to be able to set up meetings with clients AND financial advisors or website developers, videography, YouTube within the comforts of our offices. We want to be able to walk down a hallway with a tax client’s file to get first hand explanations on the ins and outs of a certain marketing question. We want the option of working directly with an attorney to set up a stock vesting schedules or create a trust for a client. Phones and technology are nice, but face to face still can’t be beat.

We are a founding member of LIFE CONNECT ALLIANCE ( and www.LCA.Today), an organization dedicated to the financial growth and development of small businesses.



Executive Office Space - Available

J. Walter Michael & Associates is continuing to improve our service to our clients. One of the ways is to build trusted networks with experienced professionals. Specifically, we are looking to connect with financial advisors, educators, technology professionals, website developers, and new media/social media developers.


The address is 743 Virginia Park, Detroit, Michigan 48202. Great location. Easy client access from the Lodge and a good local base of quality clients. A minute from Mid-town, and located in New Center.


We are still working out the details on administrative collaborative assistant’s pools, internet, communications, office equipment, storage, etc. The services, is $40 per day (8 hour services) for a 150 square foot office is our current jumping off point. We are open to all suggestions. If you are interested in connecting with a professional network through J. Walter Michael and our 743 Virginia park office space, please contact the administrative office