General Individual Tax Prep

We competitively offer a simple fee range of $250 to $325 for most personal tax returns. Think of it as easy, medium and hard. Your tax preparation fee is not dependent on the number of forms used to prepare your tax returns. That’s old school. Rather your fee will depend on the amount of time required to accurately and comprehensively prepare your tax returns. Unlike other tax accounting firms, we are comfortable giving solid price quotes and guaranteeing our work. We’ve been doing this for a while, and we know what it takes.

Taxable Events Increase

Taxable events that might increase preparation time include:


  • multiple state returns

  • stock and other asset sales

  • rental properties

  • K1 income

  • small businesses

  • debt cancellation

  • home offices

  • foreign earned income exclusions


In addition, not using our online submit forms to summarize your receipts and notes will increase preparation time. You truly are the most intimate with your financial and tax worlds. However, we don’t mind organizing your stuff too if asked- that’s what we do so you don’t have to.


Most rental or small business owners can expect to pay between $225 and $275. If you are both a landlord and a business owner, you can expect to pay $275 to $325.


Clients who have multiple taxable events can expect to pay between $275 and $325 (and perhaps upwards to $500 if you have a ton of stuff going on- don’t be alarmed.. those taxpayers in this situation typically know who they are and probably believe that $500ish is fair).

Additional Fees

We also have a short list of additional fees that might be incurred depending on your tax situation, and quite frankly your level of readiness: 


  • Copying and returning of original tax documents $25

  • Taxpayers who introduce significant changes or additionsafter a preliminary tax return is prepared $100 / hr

  • Basic tax consultation, Quickbooks help, audit assistance $100 / hr

  • Extensive research, coordinating with attorneys, business consultation, writing correspondence $150 / hr


Note: some of these additional fees may be waived depending on the circumstances. For example, extensive research is charged at $150 per hour, however since we are expanding our scope of knowledge in the process we tend to heavily discount this fee. Please keep in mind that we pride ourselves in not being the nickel and dime type of tax preparation firm. At the same time, there is not enough fluff in our tax preparation fees to subsidize additional services.